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Anton Prokopenko (composer)

Anton was born in 1980.

He has graduated from two high schools.

In 2008 Anton graduated from the Composition Department (led by the professor S. M. Slonimsky) at the State Conservatorium in St. Petersburg, Russia.

He is the composer of the children’s musical The Hat of the Magician staged by the theater-studio Rozygrysh, St. Petersburg, Russia.

He has composed a number of musical pieces (for orchestra also) in different styles which were published in such printing-houses as Composer (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Music (Moscow, Russia).

Anton’s works are often performed and distinguished among the others by such composers as G. Firtich, S. Slonimsky, B. Tishenko, G. Banshikov, V. Pleshak, R. Pauls.

  Anton Prokopenko